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  1. Joe Bopper
  2. Michael
    Welcome to 2017 people. Another year, more mech packs! MWO Continues.
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  3. MEKA Hana Song
    MEKA Hana Song
    Drink up santy claus
  4. Joe Bopper
    Joe Bopper
    So... You think You know what Christmas is?
  5. Blagg Zear
    Blagg Zear
    Just watched Rogue One. Wow! Definitively a Must See (but Kids could get nightmares!). Last Third of the Movie is Like a Rollercoaster Ride.
    1. Excalibaard
      Can't wait to see it, but I'll have to ;)
      Going with the rest of the geeky family in early January.
      Dec 26, 2016
    2. Blagg Zear
      Blagg Zear
      It's realy a great movie - especially the last third! The only thing i really was confused while watching - the CGI Chars!? Well, you'll understand what i mean.
      Dec 27, 2016
  6. Blagg Zear
    Blagg Zear
    Sitting in a plane to Dresden.. it's too early to engineer MAD IIC Builds. But it's too much fun! :)
  7. AHuMex (Ani)
    AHuMex (Ani)
    Nya! ^,..,^/
  8. PyckenZot
    My current MADIIC:
  9. Gasboy
    I've been asleep.
  10. Thibideau Osis
    Thibideau Osis
    Pounding Surats.....
  11. krevLL
    A 20 minute penalty was well-worth engaging in a 1v1 Death match with a teammate.
  12. William Greubel
    William Greubel Blagg Zear
    Have a question for you , if yo please, I use to use the " fire control " with my u-ac builds and my lbx builds and im haveing a problem. It seems that when i use it it ques my mic, which is strange in it self. Now I have changed my mic button to toggle off different keys but for some reason it still does it. Have you had this problem?
    1. Blagg Zear
      Blagg Zear
      sorry buddy - 1st i dont use the UAC Macro and 2nd i very rarely use mic when playing online.. so cant answer ur question maybe u ask our other forum members :)
      Dec 10, 2016
  13. germs95
  14. Arcturus Kerensky
    Arcturus Kerensky
    Back playing MWO from a hiatus
  15. Blagg Zear
    Blagg Zear
    Caught some Housebreakers. These damn Bastards! Grrrr
  16. Joe Bopper
  17. ReyWay
    That moment you get called a noob by a nascar noob because you stuck with your assault lance instead of abandoning them.
    1. Aramuside
      Yeah hard to say with these. Nascar usually benefits faster mechs.....
      Nov 23, 2016
  18. Thiak
    i'm back :p
  19. Aramuside
    can an admin move my Linebacker builds from the main LBK forum to the build sub forum please. ;)
  20. PyckenZot
    Need Linebacker section! ;)
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    2. Michael
      I'll add the latest PGI Money Grab when I get home from the office.
      Nov 17, 2016