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Anansi "New Love" (1x SSRM6, 2x ERMLs, 2x LMGs, 1x JJ, XL255)

Discussion in 'Anansi' started by don Zappo, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. don Zappo

    don Zappo Advanced Member


    Behold! We are entering the golden age of the Anansi! The new Civil War update makes what was formerly one of the worst hero mechs into the game into a viable, damage bringing platform. Yay for new, useful missiles! I like this build as it allows for decent agility while still providing some pop. Obviously you can tweak it a bit for more speed, more sensors, or to fully optimize the layout if desired buy downgrading the streaks just a little.

    Energy Cooldown − 15 %
    Energy Range + 10 %
    Missile Cooldown − 20 %
    Base Structure (CT) + 10
    Base Structure (LA) + 10
    Base Structure (LL) + 10
    Base Structure (LT) + 10
    Base Structure (RA) + 10
    Base Structure (RL) + 10
    Base Structure (RT) + 10
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2017
  2. Magic Pain Glove

    Magic Pain Glove New Member

    I dont own the hero , but did you try it out with MRM10s instead of srms and streaks ?

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