Meme ANH-1A "Problem solver" (2xAC10, 2xRAC5, STD295) + alt (STD300)

Thread in 'ANH-1A' started by CarloArmato, May 27, 2020.

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    Based on @Lorgot ANH-1A “The Problem-Maker” (3xAC10, 2xRAC5, STD250) + alt

    WARNING: the following numbers are completely theory crafted, they should be tested first.

    A bit less DPS comepared to the 3AC10 version, but it has better speed and ammo count for quickplay matches.

    If my calculations are right, it should have 40 or more seconds worth of RAC's dakka (excluding jams) and if we consider the mean RAC5 duration before jam is ~7 seconds, it should be worth 5 full dakka pokes. Jam durations should be ~10s, so it's gonna be 1:30 worth of RAC dakka + jams if we don't consider time spend to dissipate heat.

    Also, AC10 should be able to fire ~2 minutes non-stop while being heat stable on their own.

    Not bad on paper.

    ALT: STD 300 version featuring +1 DHS and -0.5 ton of AC10 ammo, but IMHO a bit too much stripped armor.

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