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ARC-2R "The Close Range LRM Boat" (2xLRM20+A, 4xML, TAG, BAP, XL300)

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Discussion in 'ARC-2R' started by Baradul, May 18, 2016.

  1. Baradul

    Baradul Junior Member


    This build is perfect for anyone who wants to play LRMs but does not want to sit back the whole game just smashing one single button. This is the frontline Archer!

    With 4 Medium Lasers and 2 LRM20s this Mech sits in the middle bracket of damage potential. However, given the fact that you can fire your LRMs at almost any point of the game you will deal a lot of damage.

    The main concept is based on targeting and disruption upgrades. We've put Artemis, a Beagle Active Probe and a TAG Laser into the mech to provide really fast lock, less missile spread, increased tracking strength and slower target decay. With all 3 upgrades you are very adaptive to battlefield changes and can even play LRMs in a brawl. Be sure to keep your minimim distance of 180 meters though.

    Playstyle: You want to be at medium range with that. 300-400 meters is perfect. Here you are in range of your TAG, your missiles have less travel time and you can keep up line of sight to the nemy to get the most out of the artemis. Make sure you use cover and stay behind your teammates. Peek over hills to keep up the line of sight and track your enemeis with your high mounted TAG. If you are getting pushed, immediately pull back, but keep the damage going.
    As with every LRM builds the main purpose is to grind through the enemies armor early and constantly. So don't hesitate to fire your LRMs indirectly if you have the chance.

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  2. invernomuto

    invernomuto Junior Member

    Nice video!
  3. undeadmith

    undeadmith Junior Member

    maybe better to use lrm 15's the spread on the 20's is horrible and you can make better usage of the leftover tonnage
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  4. invernomuto

    invernomuto Junior Member

    Nice video Baradul, I'll try 2 LRM15 + Artemis, 4 MLs, 1 TAG and NARC. Let's see if it works.
  5. SkiDog

    SkiDog Moderator Staff Member

    NARC doesn't really fit the flavor of this role specific mech....
  6. diomedesbc

    diomedesbc New Member

    I'll have to try this build.

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