ARC-5S "Frosty Shortbow" (4xSRM6+A, 4xSPLas, XL300)

Discussion in 'ARC-5S' started by Bad Dragon, May 16, 2017.

  1. Bad Dragon

    Bad Dragon Benefactor

    I wanted to try and make an archer that brawls using more than 2 missile hardpoints, but also makes use of lasers. Plus an SRM6 in the arms looks sexy <3

    This build does run pretty cool, especially after eliting it. I ended up going with SPLas instead of MPLas simply because I would have to sacrifice heat dissipation and generate more heat to make room for them. The SPLas do work nicely against specific components whilst the SRMs are on cooldown or I need the 16 extra damage. Overall I think that this build worked out fairly well, although I may try running a hotter version with a larger XL and 4xMPLas in place of the SPLas.

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