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ARC-5W "Hammer" (4x SRM6, 5x SRM2, XL340)

Discussion in 'ARC-5W' started by Pronotum, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. Pronotum

    Pronotum New Member

    Well, time for my first build to post on here!

    This is the ARC-5W that I have been using with fairly good success, and I haven't even Elited it yet!

    Now, it is a mech that runs very hot, so you have to be mindful about it. However, it also can dish out a massive 34 SRMs on target around 3 times without any coolshots, and without the mech being elited, before overheating. So there is a lot of firepower on one click ready to be unleashed.

    So, the SRM6 and SRM2 do not generate Ghost Heat between each other, allowing them all to be fired at once. Ammo with 1400 SRMs will not be an issue. The armor choices are for the following reasons. 6 in back, because with this build you should be ready to survive an even firefight as well as you can. The 50% turn rate quirk will help adapt to even the fastest of lights. Lowered leg armour, due to personal experience dictating no one going for the legs on a Heavy, and extra SRM tonnage. SRM2 on the arms allows for more precise engagement of targets high above or low below... as well as the arms can be blown off. So you do not lose all your firepower.

    The tricky bit is getting in close, without making yourself too much of a target. So stick behind cover, or other mechs while the combat is in long distance. The Archer is small, so hiding is not too difficult. And when you move in, make sure you're supported. The XL340 will make sure you get in fast.

    In combat The Archer can be focused down quite quickly. But an Archer that does not get immeditately targeted can do a devastating amount of damage in a VERY short time. So, once you get used to positioning yourself, expect to do a fair bit.

    Suggested modules: Radar Deprivation, SRM2 Range 5, SRM6 Range 5. Mastery slot: Advanced Seisimic Sensor.

    So, don't believe me? Have an example! And I am not even good at the game.

    (Feedback and suggestions of improvements are welcome. I'm no Mech build expert, I just posted what worked well for me.)
  2. SkiDog

    SkiDog Moderator Staff Member

    Great first post!
    Welcome to mechspecs
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2016
  3. enileph

    enileph Space Pimp

    Welcome to mechspecs!
    I like this concept though, might try.
  4. Randomm

    Randomm Junior Member


    I like the concept of this build - given how often I am in an Oxide, that shouldn't be a surprise. There are two Oxide builds; 4xSRM4 and 3xSRM4A. More damage spread out -or- less but targeted damage. With that in mind, the above is the slightly less damage, but, more targeted. Ammo ratio is still being worked on - stay tuned. Five streaks does a great job on Lights (360 Target Module is a must) and they normally get locked on by the time the first SRM4 volley lands. DPS are down with this build - Make sure you AIM.
  5. dranozir

    dranozir MechSpecs Addict

    You take a lot of ammo ! ;)

    I take less :


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