ASN-21 "Ozma" (4x SRM4, XL300) +Alt

Discussion in 'ASN-21' started by Ruludos, Jun 28, 2017.

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    Easily the most fun I've had in any mech in a very long time. This build runs at 120kph without tweak and is deceptively tough, even with the XL. The Assassins come out in early July for Cbills and I think anyone that enjoys light/fast mediums should buy one.

    Minor improvements to the build. No BAP, no internal heatsinks but JJs and an extra 1/2t of ammo.

    New build in the same spirit as the old, so I won't bother with a new thread. After fully skilling it out and playing 70+ games in it this is the build I've settled on.

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    hmmm, I don't really enjoy SRM6 without artemis. Made a LE version of the SRM4 build (6t ammo is plenty, especially with missile rack skills)

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