ASN-27 "Zilva" (2xSRM4, 1xSNPPC, ECM, XL300) +Alt

Discussion in 'ASN-27' started by Ruludos, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. Ruludos

    Ruludos Junior Member

    A skirmisher/sniper build. Early game focuses on scouting and harassment, with the SRMs allowing you to move in and play cleanup.

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  2. SweatyFalcon

    SweatyFalcon New Member

    Don't snubbies have the same range as srms?
  3. Ruludos

    Ruludos Junior Member

    Yes, SRMs and Snubs share the 270m range bracket, although the snub has an extra 360m of damage dropoff. I'm actually thinking about bumping them up to SRM6, because then they would share cooldown as well. I'd have to get a new Xl for that, though...

    As an aside, thank you for reminding me to update the title of the thread.

    This is a theorycrafted build; I don't have 4.5m to spend on an XL280 yet.
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  4. Aylek

    Aylek Administrator Staff Member

    I like the idea, but I think this isn't completely fine tuned yet. This thing seems to be a prime example where we need help from the Skill Tree to fully optimise the build.

    What about this:

    Skill Tree:

    Reasons / lines of thinking:
    1) we can get additional ammo by taking both the ammo nodes
    2) even when running dry there's still the SPPC
    3) the latter needs a lot of cooling, so let's add another DHS
    4) -5% missile spread from the ST is no + Artemis, but has to suffice here
    5) 1 JJ is removed in favor of additional armor, as the ASN's arms do some nice shielding work; this means the lifting capacities need to come from the ST
  5. Ruludos

    Ruludos Junior Member

    You have some pretty reasonable skills there. A bit too light on ammo for my tastes, though; I'd drop the extra heatsink, have an extra half ton of ammo and the JJ you dropped, and put more skill points into sensors for the derps. If you pull out of survival you can put more into ops to get your cooling there instead. Only at 43/91 for mine right now, though; slowly getting there.

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