AWS-8R Bruiser (2x LRM15+A, 2x SRM6+A, 3x MLas, STD300)

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    This build is incredibly tough with high armor values along side a 72pt alpha.

    The key is to hang back and carefully pick your shots with the LRMs. Targets that are 60t+ are ideal due to body size and lower speeds, better insuring that more missiles will actually land on target. Always make sure you aren't just putting your missiles into terrain though.
    Second stage of this build is the 2 SRM6 packs and the triple MLas. With this you have a solid short range punch, though it is hot, so be mindful of your heat. You can lay the SRMs on targets all the way up to about 250m pretty easily thanks to Artemis.
    With the combined damage from all weapon systems, your optimal range is 180m to 270m, allowing the most damage on a single target with line of sight. However, you do still have good support with LRMs at range, and solid damage in close combat with 2x SRM6 and 3x MLas.

    Overall, I have been very successful with this build, and am enjoying the varied loadout as opposed to your average boats.
    With good ammo and heat management you can get out some solid damage.

    Max LRM damage available with this build: 792
    Max SRM damage available with this build: 400
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