AWS-8R Linebacker (2x LPLas, 2x LRM15+A, 2x SSRM2, TAG, XL300)

Thread in 'AWS-8R' started by Arclyght, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. Arclyght

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    AWS-8R Linebacker

    Good at all ranges, one of my current favorites.
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  2. skribs

    skribs Min-Max Maniac

    Similar in concept to my STK-3H Rainma build. LRMs, Tag, BAP, SSRMs, and lasers. You have LRM15s instead of 20s and 2xLPL instead of 3xML, but I have more ammo (10 tons LRM and 2 tons SSRM instead of 6 and 1). That said, I rarely run out of ammo.

    The overall effect is that you will probably have less long-range damage output than I will (10 less per salvo, 9 less salvos) and more short-range damage (2xLPL vs 3xML). I will be able to peek-and-shoot better (all of my weapons are up high) and you will be about 6% faster (same engine, 5 tons less), but you'll have an easier time maintaining lock (arm actuators).

    I would try to tweak your build by taking off an LPL and replacing it with a ML (brings the damage in line with my STK build and gets you 2 tons more ammo), but the problem is that I end up with either Endo-Steel and 4 tons + 2 slots remaining, or without endo-steel and only have 2 tons of ammo to place anyway (thus not giving me any extra space.

    Overall, very solid build. However, I like it better on my 3H, and I will stick with my 4x15 LRM boat on my 8R.
  3. NamesAreStupid

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    Slight modification. I think that this build, with the upcoming SRM buff and boat nerf will be interesting.
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  4. Cpt Chattahah

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    With Artemis already installed, I would go for the regular LLs and the Super-Shotfun instead of SSRMs.

    2xSRM6+A are not a guarantee to strike center-mass, but, a LOT more firepower up close. Also, it just scares the hell out of people. As far as the LPLs, they are just too hot for my liking. I end up firing them off too quickly and leaving myself no room to breath.

    (Edit, just noticed NamesAreStupid posted exactly what I had been thinking!

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