AWS-8R Poor Man's Omni (2x LLas + 2x LRM20, XL265)

Thread in 'AWS-8R' started by Darkblood, Nov 10, 2012.

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    This is the LRM version of my "Poor Man's Omni" explained in [this post]. The SRM version is [here].

    Not a full fledged missile boat, but still got pretty decent volleys. I'm still tweaking with this one, trying to keep faithful to this omni idea I would not like to change engine and/or upgrades. But I'm thinking about downgrading the lasers to medium or m.pulses in order to put more ammo for the LRM.

    To bad you have to pay every time you add or remove artemis...

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    Hi there, you dont use Endo neither DHS. Is there a reason? You get free tonnage and better heat efficiency!
    The LRM20s are not optimal used in this mech since the missile pods are 15' tubes. You fire 15 missiles then 5 thereafter. Another bad thing - as a missile boat you have too little ammo. Last thing - the slow speed. Yepp, if you use XL, then use one to have a big speed boost to be able to reposition yourself fast!

    Try this build:

    Blagg Zear
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