AWS-8R "Positively Awesome" (4x SRM6+A, 1x LPLas, 2x SPlas STD300)

Thread in 'AWS-8R' started by Keshav Murali, Apr 5, 2016.

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    Yeah, she's sort of temperamental. Yeah, she's short ranged.

    But that cool atlas-like alpha strike and super low duration lasers (pulse lasers and -25% laser duration?) combined with a generic 15% missile cooldown makes for an extremely effective close ranged mech.

    Most mechs stand stripped after a second hit, and a follow ons with just the SRMs puts down everything.
    Patience is the key, wait for your time, only the LPL has a decent range.

    Pre AND post quirk, the Awesome's fast twist speed (now with 35% boost!) is a great help when shielding. The arms are surprisingly good and you can really choose which torso you take the damage on.

    Fear is for the weak! Go brawl the pants off them!

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