AWS-8R Splatsome A (4x SRM6+A, 2x LLas, STD300)

Thread in 'AWS-8R' started by UntamedZer0, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. UntamedZer0

    UntamedZer0 Well-Known Member

    The A is for Artemis

    I had this mech laying around and was about to sell it. I had it set up for LRM boating but I don't particularly enjoy LRM boating. Plus it had been a very long time since I set it up to splat. So long that I don't even think Artemis was around yet.

    Sooo.... this mech probably shouldn't have been done which means it needed to be.

    There is a bit of a C.A.S.E experiment going on here so ammo location is subject to change. The quad 6s can unload the ammo fairly fast at least.
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  2. Blagg Zear

    Blagg Zear Star Lord

    Hi there,

    what about this approach:

    Blagg Zear
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  3. robertmw1988

    robertmw1988 Junior Member

    Removed AMS. More SRM Ammo + CASE. Changed DHS position to help protect Laser for that last little bit. Plus once Lasers are gone, who cares about 1 DHS.

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  4. Aylek

    Aylek Administrator Staff Member

    This is a very strong approach even nowadays with Clans running rampant. I'd prefer more cooling for a mech like this as it doesn't has the speed for hit-and-run tactics. Shutting down in the middle of opponents won't end well.

    Small modifications on the OP's build:

    Additonal ideas:

    LPLas + MLas can be fired in conjunction, but this obv. costs some range. The weight reduction allowed to mount some additional DHS though, which are crit padding the right arm. As a last change I rearranged the armor to be very front-heavy, as this should be a mech for the first line.

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