AWS-8Rain (4x LRM15, 1x ERLLas. TAG, BAP, XL300)

Thread in 'AWS-8R' started by Moonsword, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. Moonsword

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    This is my take on the Awesome missile boat.

    8 tons of LRM ammo will give you 24 volleys, an ingame heat efficiency of 1.22, which is not to shabby.

    I use the TAG to help with locks, and I like the EXP bonus it gives, I also use the ERLLas at all ranges, either for the killing blow at long range so I don't waste 60 missiles, or to ward off lights.

    Do not get caught alone with this, because at short range, you will get destroyed.
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  2. Blagg Zear

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    Hi there, good build! I gave you 4 of 5 stars. Its very similar to FuzzyBunny's Approach, except you dont have Artemis, one ton less ammo, a little bit lower Cool Efficiency. But you have BAP and a far better Range at Direct Fire with your ER Laser instead (though weaker/less coolefficient at close range than 2 MLs). Still i would prefer FuzzyBunny's build, because of the 1ton more ammo and Artemis for harder Missile.Strikes (main attack).

    Blagg Zear

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