AWS-9M "The Quirk Master" (3x ERPPC, ISTC III, XL380)

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Thread in 'AWS-9M' started by Erik Demoses, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. Erik Demoses

    Erik Demoses New Member

    Quirks you must listen to, my young padawan, wise they are.

    In my continuing effort to make use of my old Awesomes I have decided to use and abuse the ERPPC quirks of the 9M with the brand new Targeting Computers. Quirks + TC = fast as heck PPCs that can go pretty damn far, and with 20 heatsinks and double coolshot you'll be just fine. Mind you, running an XL in a mech as wide as a barn is pretty risky business, but the extra heatsinks and the ability to reposition on a dime is well worth it in my opinion, but you are not a tank so stay far enough back that you can react before a brawler is upon you.

    My groupings are:
    1: Both chest ERPPCs
    2: Right hand ERPPC
    3: Chainfire chest ERPPCs

    DO NOT FIRE ALL ERPPCs AT ONCE. There is just no need, delay it by a quarter second and you can get your chest/right hand combo off without and ghost heat.

    PS: With a TCIII your zoom is pretty damn good, so unless you are planning to smoke up a mile away from the fight you can get by without ADV zoom.
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  2. Erik Demoses

    Erik Demoses New Member

    Only did 630 this run, but the idea is to crack through one torso and down them before they know what happened.

  3. Falconium

    Falconium Administrator Staff Member

    To quote Jed Clampett, "If you got it, spend it."
    That's how I feel about quirks: if PGI gives 'em to you, (especially good ones), use 'em. And that's exactly what you've done with this build; and I like it.

    Here's a minor readjustment that allows you to keep a LightEngine for survival, while also maintaining more than decent speed, and the same number of DHS (or more, if you forgo the TC).

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  4. Gun Tuv

    Gun Tuv Well-Known Member

    Using an LE325 TCII version with 21 DHS for my long-range drop-deck. It's actually pretty good, now. It's not getting 5 stars ever because the hardpoints remain shitty and it's so bloody wide but it has to be said triple ER PPCs without ghost-heat going >2700m/s is a thing of beauty.

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