Casual BAS-B "Blood Cannon" (3x cUAC/5, 1x cUAC10, 4x cSML)

Thread in 'Blood Asp Omni Builds' started by Dekontoroga, May 16, 2018.

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    Well its a Ballistic Boat what else can you say? Well the fact it has ECM and some Backup Weapons in Form of some small Lasers. It has a really brutal DPS with Zero Ghostheat so you can fire as much as you want, just keep in mind that Ultras tend to jam if you overuse your Trigger Finger. Also because of the high Main Weapon Mounts you can make some nice shots over Hill Areas. Still one Setup i really enjoy and is easy to play. If the Heat isnt a problem for you you can drop one DHS for more Armor on the Chicken Legs.
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    I like it.
    I am thinking about trying 6x ERSL or ERuLs with more ammo and heat sinks.

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