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Battletech - can Fiction become Reality?

Discussion in 'MechWarrior Online - General Discussion' started by Blagg Zear, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. Blagg Zear

    Blagg Zear Moderator Staff Member

    Let's have some Smalltalk, philosophical Sense/Nonsense and Science (Fiction). Well, we always talked about MWO and spec-config stuff, always playing around in this small Matrix full of virtual gears and pilots and crashbang.. But we never Asked questions about the possible Future that Battletech/MWO suggests us and what Engineering would be required to lead us there. So here we go.

    Some Questions to you all, Mechwarriors of the Reality (young or old):
    What would be the Future of 3050 for us human kind. Mechanized Warfare for real? Space Travel with Light Speed, or even FTL? Exploration of alien worlds, finding new places to live beyond our(?) Solar System in far distant galaxies? Intergalactic Battles between different human Kinder e.g. "Clans"? How far can human kind get in the next 1000-1500 Years from now on? Suggesting we don't bomb ourself to Extinction. What are the real chances to get out of our "Earth Prison" to grasp for the other Worlds far beyond the Horizon? Or will this Fiction always stay a Big Fantasy?

    Let me know your Thoughts / Belief / Philosophy
  2. ReyWay

    ReyWay Active Member

    My layman theory is that we might be able to construct some form of device around the sun that would harvest solar energy and harness the immense gravitational force of the sun to create wormholes that can transfer energy from the solar cells though the wormholes to power our spacecraft and cities.

    I think space travel might boil down to having large city sized spacecraft that fly in huge fleets though space and go through multiple generations before reaching their destination.

    I actually fantasized once of living on one of those city sized craft and working on one of the governments asteroid harvesters, a giant ship that grinds down asteroids for resources. I was part of a small crew that manned a small mining frigate that would scour the debris area near the asteroid harvester in search of rare materials that we would be able to sell back to the government or to private companies. Selling to private companies is more profitable but you can only take a limited number of cargo containers with you on the harvester, full containers are either locked up in a secure area that you get back when you get back to port or you can choose to sell the contents to the government and empty the contents into the harvesters hold.
  3. PyckenZot

    PyckenZot Benefactor

    Realisticly speaking, I'm fairly certain our idiotic species will have depleted the natural resources required for sci-fi age progression long before we find any way to sustainably build and maintain such a society. I fear our space exploration is already past it's height. Maybe going to Mars might be it's height, but let's just say I'm not very optimistic about it. We're a wasteful, selfish and aggressive species and most probably, if we reach 3050, we'll be leaving in a post-industrial, pre-industrial level society on whatever land remains after a significant amount of polar ice has melted (not to mention the climatic effects of this).

    In my dreams however, we've proven Einstein wrong and travel the galaxy at FTL speeds. We harness energy from Dyson spheres (sol being saved from such a fate as a historic monument). Our civilisation expands into the universe and eventually finds traces of long lost civilisations and early life evolving (I truly feel the existence of simultaneous highly evolved civilisations is extremely improbable). We have achieved peace, prosperity and an unimaginable scientific acumen. The golden age of mankind,... :sneaky:
  4. Joe Bopper

    Joe Bopper Well-Known Member

    I'll take this opportunity to discuss warfare tactics - current and future.

    ** I don't know too much of MW lore, this is just my understanding and thoughts. I would appreciate others to chime in.

    Mechs on the battlefield are very efficient soldiers with strengths and weaknesses. Similar to human ground infantry, ground mechs (whether automated or piloted, being basically giant mechanized infantry) are easily susceptible to be mowed down by any form of heavy weapons or artillery such as large turrets, spacecraft, aircraft, bombs, etc. -- If you have the technology to have mechs, you have the technology to have big guns, ships, or bombs which will easily wipe out said mechs on the field.

    A really important thing to consider with mechs is that as efficient as they are at killing things and defending / seizing territory on the ground, they are extremely risky weapons of war as they risk the death of their pilot(s) and complete lack of salvage and/or recovery depending on where the mission is located. They are not safe for the pilot or the organization spending the money to send them into war. Giant ships or vehicles, or fleets of vehicles and aircraft on the other hand, ARE much safer and perhaps just as effective in war. Mechs in my thinking would play niche roles in war.

    Mechs seem to be way more useful in a sort of dystopian setting where resources and the number of real human soldiers are limited. Deploying large armadas requiring ample manpower and resources won't cut it; simple transport dropships lift their versatile mechs onto the battlefield in small groups where they can hopefully accomplish their mission and survive.

    This is why I don't really understand large open maps which you are dropshipped into, 'Skirmish' or the 'Conquest' game mode.

    Dropships) Utterly useless in public quick play, there for show. In Faction play, you should be able to shoot them down. Dropships literally do nothing but pass eachother as they fly away in quickplay. WTF? Thanks a lot, dropship, for leaving us here to die without any support or heavy artillery.

    Skirmish Mode) Of course I love this mode, it's classic, and we want and need it. However, skirmish needs work to make more sense than "24 random mechs droplifted into a realistically small or medium sized zone and duke it out for no reason." Putting 24 mechs across from each other in an open field hoping they eventually kill the opposing team is a ludicrous idea. Who are the generals in charge of throwing 24 mechs onto Terra Therma or Polar Highlands to duke it out in a skirmish for no reason? Wasting tons of resources, mechs, and the lives of possibly 24 pilots? It just doesn't make sense.
    *It is even worse in public quick play mode, as you have no way to select your partners or your mech or equipment before knowing where and how you will be fighting.

    Conquest Mode) Is this really the way "resources" would be collected in the future? How are the resources transported to where they need to be after the battle? A single locust vs a full company of 12 men but if the locust is 1 resource point ahead and the score is 749 to 750 the single locust wins? Gimme a break. It doesn't make any sense to me.

    Once again, I don't know much about MW lore and if I'm missing anything or getting anything wrong please let me know. Thx
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2016
  5. enileph

    enileph Space Pimp

    Humanoid Mech with people inside is not a good combat unit, expecially when it comes to some 100ton monster. That having said, if we were to survive all the way to 3050, I am sure as hell we would still be having all kinds of cool toys for war.

    As for space travel, it is a matter of time, but reaching far away planets outside the solar system can take years upon years, maybe we will go cryo. Now, by probability it is more likely we find a less developed planet that is habitable, so most likely it is time to slaughter and exterminate the natives and claim it for the Terran Throne. Before ou say no to this, know the human history, and the economical benefits. Most liikely we will exterminate anything semi-intelligent that is weaker until god forbid we find somthing tougher that we cannot take down.
  6. Blagg Zear

    Blagg Zear Moderator Staff Member

    Maybe this about Mechs:

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  7. ReyWay

    ReyWay Active Member

    I think the main problem of a mech would be:
    1. Terrain may collapse or mech may get stuck, might not affect smaller mechs.
    2. Mech would need twice or thrice as much armor per ton compared to a tank due to having more openings, sloped armor would also be redundant due to the size of the mech.
    3. Mechs are bloody big targets so they will have a harder time finding cover.

    Generally, anything above a small or medium mech would be inferior to our current selection of warfare vehicles (in my opinion at least). I think mechs might work better on planets with low gravity or in zero gravity.
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  8. Shock

    Shock Benefactor

    Mechs in the game are too big to be practical. They're huge targets. And no matter how much armor you put on one, we can make a missile with enough boom to destroy it. Weapons are going to get smaller, not bigger.

    If you ask me, the future of warfare will be in more beyond visual range combat and automation. You'll have spotters, probably drones, directing fire from aircraft and artillery, which will become increasingly precise and accurate. Airplanes, tanks, ships and satellites will be operated remotely by pilots sitting in bunkers. Boots on the ground will be increasingly rare.

    As for space travel, I think it's inevitable. Right now, the only thing keeping us from being able to support a small settlement on the moon is money. It's not really that much different from supporting the ISS, just a longer trip. As putting things into space gets cheaper, our ability to support people farther out gets better. And there are multiple private groups like SpaceX that have made huge strides in a pretty short time. I think we'll have people living on the moon, ISS style, by the end of this century. I also think we'll have put someone on Mars by that time as well.
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  9. P

    P Well-Known Member

    the method of war has changed
    from battlefield to policing.
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  10. Blagg Zear

    Blagg Zear Moderator Staff Member

    I tried to imagine what would be the best possible thing to happen toward Mech Development in the near future. I'm pretty sure, that if we make Mechs for Warfare, it would not be Big Ones we see in Battletech, Robotech or Pacific Rim. The Problem is simply that due to the square-cube relationship, Things become overproportional heavier if you increase the size. E.g. if you make a 2m "tall" Cube (2mx2m = 4m² volume) twice as big -> 4m height you get 4mx4m = 16m² volume, that's 4 times heavier. So eventualy there is a point, where the Mech weighs so much, that it needs soo much Engine Power to make any Movements or simply sink down into the ground. Remember the Super Heavy Tank VIII Mouse?

    So the best possible thing we can achieve in the near future would be some Battle Armors, such like the Elementals or the Battlesuits in the game Heavy Gear. Suits that would power everything up what a human soldier could do -> up the agility, armor, firepower, environment scans etc., making it on par with the Tanks in Effectiveness, making it an excellent alternative for difficult terrain.

    What do you think? Elementals or Heavy Gear (Suits) better for Future Warfare? ^_^

  11. Blagg Zear

    Blagg Zear Moderator Staff Member

    Nice BBC also talked about this..
    -> http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20160610-will-we-ever-pilot-giant-robots

  12. skribs

    skribs Legendary Member

    My experience with weapons is that modularity, while it has advantages, comes at the expense of extra weight and bulk.

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