Casual BHW-HR "Alphonse" (2xAC5, 3xLPPC, XL265)

Thread in 'High Roller' started by CarloArmato, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. CarloArmato

    CarloArmato Professional Potato Carrier


    Smaller brother of WHM-BW "Full meta alchemist" (4xAC5, 2xLPPC, LE250)
    2xAC5 for sustained DPS, 3xLPPC for a bit of alpha strike.

    LPPCs also get a nice +10% energy range boost, so LPPC optimal range will be a bit closer to AC5 optimal range, which means this build is better suited as a ranged DPS / harass role rather than medium / medium-to-close role compared to 2xAC10+LPPC.

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