BJ-1 Stock Upgrade (4x MLas, 2x AC2, 2x JJ, XL225)

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Discussion in 'BJ-1' started by Blagg Zear, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. Blagg Zear

    Blagg Zear Moderator Staff Member


    Just the way you should load your BJ-1 classically but upgraded.

    Alternate "Ammo+" Version:

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  2. scromboid

    scromboid Well-Known Member


    Please play the build before you downvote... and this build is for experts.

    That said, this is my absolute favorite build with the BJ-1. You can see in my screens below my success with this little guy.

    It gives you range, harassment and punch. If you do not have patience and do not know how to prioritize targets, skip this build. Otherwise, give it a shot, hang back - let the heavies and assaults get hit - and dish out some surprise ;) Of course, move the ammo/armor around as you like.

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  3. tfun90

    tfun90 Advanced Member

    Basically a variant of 3 existing dual AC2 builds:
  4. Sir Tiddles

    Sir Tiddles Active Member

    I like this build a lot. It has good speed (required for such a small mech), plenty of ammo, and a solid 4 ML for backup, and jump jets is just icing on the cake. This or the Raptor MK II build (with 2ERLL, 2ML, 2MG) is probably the best build for this variant.

    My only suggestion is to add ferrofibrous armor upgrade -- you'll get an extra ton out of it and you still have an open slot so you can cram in another ton of AC/2 ammo.
  5. don Zappo

    don Zappo Advanced Member


    It's back, baby! Thanks to the new quirks, this old classic is back - now updated for the new era of IS dominance. I played a bit with the new quirks using the Top Shelf and found that it just needed some more pop so I decided throw caution to the wind and ran with this. It was pretty awesome! This mech may look like it runs too hot, but it's actually quite manageable as long as you can resist the temptation to alpha all the time. It has really good utility at long range fighting and makes a great hit and runner now with 4xMLas. This mech is on cool down a lot anyways, as how often do you really get to sit there and just pepper away with AC2s before they Dire Wolf tries to end you? Don't be that mechwarrior that thinks mechs will go into hiding because they took an AC2 round to the face.

    27% heat efficiency looks TERRIBLE, that's for sure, but that's fairly common for AC2 carrying mechs. With this mech it's all about the firing groups. Supporting evidence for my assertions:

    Heat efficiency:
    4xMLas firing: 44%
    2xAC2s: 69%
    2xAC2s + 2xMLas: 39%

    See the utility of those mixed roles! One last bit of advice: this mech has some decent amount of flexibility with the final design if you'd like to squeeze in more of the dakka. Drop a JJ for a half ton more ammo... shave off some armor and upgrade that half a ton a full ton... downgrade to a XL225 and top off that ammo... or, do both: downgrade and drop a JJ and get that last ton of ammo that you're craving. Personally, I think it has enough ammo as you still have 4xMLas if you end up running out which is a fine consolation prize.

    Edit: It has occurred to me that it could be helpful to list the quirks at the time these builds are posted for future generations to ponder:

    AC/2 Cooldown +15%
    Ballistic Weapon Cooldown +7.5%
    AC/2 Heat Generation -15%
    Ballistic Weapon Heat Generation -7.5%
    Torso Yaw Speed +43.8%
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  6. don Zappo

    don Zappo Advanced Member

    This is a MILF.
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  7. Darem

    Darem New Member

    Pretty good, but here's my version
  8. B0ilz

    B0ilz Well-Known Member

    Macroing this at 270 ms for each AC2 is BRUTAL! I can make ANYONE retreat! *crazed laughter*
  9. Excalibaard

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    Merged duplicates.

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