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BL-7-KNT-L "Bread and Butter V2" (2xLPL, 5xERML, TC2, LE340)

Discussion in 'BL-7-KNT-L' started by Sleek34, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Sleek34

    Sleek34 New Member

    Looked at the Black Knight today and wondered how I could bring it to the current gen technology. After fiddling around on smurfy a bunch I just ended up with practically the same thing as I had on it before but with the new engines, lasers, and a targeting computer instead of another laser. It seems a bit hot on paper but with the skill tree set up its pretty cool, I get 2-3 alphas off before overheating but it cools fast so you can probably pop another with a few more seconds of waiting. The only issue I really have is the alpha damage itself being a little low(for a heavy) and the laser duration of the ERML isn't synced with the LPL. The skill tree can probably be optimized better since I am still not completely familiar to what is best to use on it.

    (Torso armor distribution is up to you.)

    My skill tree is set up like the following.
  2. CarloArmato

    CarloArmato Advanced Member

    I'm not using the same Black Knight variant, but IMHO you can skip half or entirely the mobility tree and focus more on survivability (so nodes bonus will stack with quirks) and on heatgen (very well spent points in basically any build that has a chance to overheat, especially true on vomit lasers).

    TC is good, but a TC2 has very little improvement over TC1. Also, LE340 doesn't feel right to me since you are not using every hardpoint available.

    Speed and maneuverability are still important, but more than often you should skill them only if you are a light or medium and you should rely on avoid getting shot in the first place.

    This would be my attempt.

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