Scouting BSW-HR "Ranged shotgun" (2xAC10, 4xSL, XL280)

Thread in 'High Roller' started by CarloArmato, Nov 6, 2018.

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    Like a dual LBX10 + 4xSL build, but with pinpoint at range. 81 AC10 ammo with skills and very good heat management. This variant is also the only one that had not it's armor values nerfed, so it's a good reason to exploit this bushwacker in particular over a P2 or X2.

    Play this build like any XL bushy: soften up target at range, don't be too shy to brawl once it start because this mech tank very well if you manage to spread incoming damage. Keep an eye on your status, find a good position, never stop shooting and you will be fine.

    Recommended skill tree:
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