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BSW-P1 "Splatwacker" (4xSRM4, 1xLBX10, LE280)

Discussion in 'BSW-P1' started by CarloArmato, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. CarloArmato

    CarloArmato Advanced Member

    Simple brawler with a thight loadout and no ghost heat.

    Since this build is asymmetrical and has a Light Engine, you should shield with your left side when coolingdown between your shots. With skills it should be cooler than it looks and have ammo to spare (48 LBX and 480 SMRs with maxed ammo skills) which could deal around 1'500 damage.
  2. Excalibaard

    Excalibaard ComStar - First Circuit Staff Member

    I love this, I run it in a SHD-2D2, great for scouting!

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