BSW-X1 "Point of Murder" (1xMRM40, 1xLPL, 3xLMG, LE280)

Discussion in 'BSW-X1' started by Excalibaard, Aug 9, 2017.

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    I was looking for a better chassis to do a Large Laser / MRM40 combo on, with a better twisting profile than the Blackjack I originally built. I found it in the BSW-X1. I even had enough tonnage to mount a Large Pulse Laser, which has much better DPS, and 3LMGs for finishing people off!!

    You can run no machineguns, and a regular Large Laser as well, and use the tonnage to upgrade the engine to something faster, making it faster than the Blackjack too, albeit without jumpjets. If you like jumpjets, the Shadow Hawk could also be a very good chassis for something akin to this (SHD-2K comes to mind).

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