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Car Fax (work in progress)

Discussion in 'Kit Fox' started by Soy, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. Soy

    Soy Legendary Member

    I have finalized my two Kit Fox builds..! Their names are "Car Fax" and "Minipass" ;)


    ...I'm gonna be recording footage first to make a showcase video for em. Either that or a new episode of Sauce with the builds being used.

    So, stay tuned folks! :D

    Hint - both builds feature 14(!) cDHS and each build uses a pair of energy weps... both haz max armor, but only 3 JJs... and ofc ECM. :)
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  2. Soy

    Soy Legendary Member

    So I've got a decent handful of clips from last night recording footage of Minipass, but... god damn.

    I have had at least ten rounds reduced from 4-8 kills down to 2-4 by these fucking killstealers. It kinda feels like the guy in this old classic meme... http://hamstring2.ytmnd.com/

    These people sit there and don't even fire while you're working on your enemy in a 1v1, they stand still and wait for you to work the core down to orange or red or whatnot and them slam spacebar so not only do I get a kill stolen, but I waste armor soaking for these fucking coneheads.

    I forgot that this was the most frustrating part of being a light, it's not the 'getting 1 shot randomly by turret warriors' it's the fucking KSers!

    Anyways how this lil rant relates to this thread, I'm considering... throwing a cERSL into Minipass for a tiny bit of extra burst damage to recoup some of these pilfered opportunities. Tired of going 2/10 with 600 damage and 120 score, isn't good enough footage.

    I got a few quality clips already, I'm just saying, I'm taking tonight to reconsider this slight tweak to Minipass build before I unveil it w/ vid.
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