CDA-3M 'Mega-Ultra-Giga Chicken" (1x LBX10, 4x MLas, ECM)

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Discussion in 'CDA-3M' started by epikt, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. epikt

    epikt Benefactor

    The name is a parody of PartSpec's mech's, as mine is somehow a heavier armed and slower version. For more speed, consider trying his build.

    Surprisingly I have a great success with this mech. Actually it's my highest K/D ratio, I still don't understand how and why

    An obvious weakness of this mech is its speed, only ~110km/h with speed tweak. You're more of a mobile ECM carrier than a scout, providing coverage to flanking squads for example. Your speed is still decent, and allows you some guerrilla moves, or pushing for a quick kill, but don't try to zig-zag inside enemy lines like if you were in a 150km/h jenner.
    Another weakness is that all weapons are mounted on the torso. Less convergence problem but sometimes it makes it hard to aim on uneven terrain. On the other hand, it allows you to tank a little with your arms, and to strip some armor if you need room.

    But the fact is it has great punch and a versatile weaponry efficient against all mechs. And it truly shines when it comes to finish cored mechs, since it provides both precise concentrated damage with the lasers and high critical abilities with the LB10X-AC.
    Just be cautious.

    Standard AC/10 variant: I prefer the LBX, but you might want a better long range punch.
    Standard AC/10 is one ton heavier, you need to strip some armor.

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  2. Mythweaver

    Mythweaver Advanced Member

    I am currently running the Honey Badger build that UntamedZer0 posted. i am a big fan of the LB10-X however and will give this 'mech a try in the near future.

  3. PartSpec

    PartSpec New Member

    FWIW, I've started running my build with 2 mediums instead of 4 smalls most of the time. I like the 4 smalls better on paper, but I'm just too far away most of the time

    That makes it a variant of this build, sacrificing 2 mlas and 1 ton of armor for a bigger engine.
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  4. skribs

    skribs Legendary Member

    The 300 XL is on the slow end for me. This looks like it loses a lot of speed, making it significantly easier to hit. I think this chassis would be better served with an AC5 and 4 MLs than trying to fit the LB10 on.
  5. PartSpec

    PartSpec New Member

    I have tried my 3M that way and I vastly prefer it this way. I have my raven 3L for a more conventional fast ecm light. This one's a big game hunter.
  6. jk781

    jk781 New Member

    What about this?

    I've been playing around with this build recently. The speed imho is OK.

    The LB-10X is just fun, I love it so much.
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  7. Mythweaver

    Mythweaver Advanced Member

    I ran this 'mech a few times earlier this week and found it to be just far too slow. If you want a faster Medium 'Mech with an LB10-X and two Med.Lasers you should buy yourself a Centurion.


    Post Script: If you are looking for a slower 'mech that can do the same job but much better; I suggest going with HBK-4H with the LB10-X and 4x Med.'s actually the build I use on that chassy.
  8. Matheos

    Matheos Active Member

    I ran the LB10 for a while and found it to be surprisingly effective. People don't expect it when they see a Cidada.

    With the upcoming changes to ECM and BAP, I don't know how well this layout is going to perform considering its reduced speed. I already started messing around with the smaller ACs to remove it from close range situations.
  9. Blagg Zear

    Blagg Zear Moderator Staff Member

    Hi there, i gave this build 4 of 5 stars. Its pretty good for hunting Lights, though Speed is in your config quite low. But with some tweaks for a larger Engine it is pretty decent.

    Here my version with TAG:

    Blagg Zear
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  10. riffraff302

    riffraff302 New Member

    High crit damage build that exploits the 3M's stealth quite well.
    "Smackwater Jack" - I mastered my CDA-3M on this build. Mine's a little slower, I run 220XL. This one and my CDA-3C with ERL, AC5, 3xMG are my two "Easy Button" mechs. All that's left to do is remap the Alpha Strike to the [Delete] key.

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