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    One of my favorite builds before the SSRM nerf (back when they were heart-seekers) was a Stalker 3H with a pair of LRM20s and a pair of SSRM2s.
    One of my favorite builds for the Mad Dog before the new tech had a pair of LRM15s and a pair of SSRM6s.

    These builds were nice because the SSRMs worked as excellent backup weapons to the LRMs. If I had lights on me, I could use the SSRMs, or if I got forced into a brawling situation. They were also incredible between 180-270, where everything was at optimal range.

    I've taken a long hiatus from the game, and come back to find the new tech. Now that ATMs are out, I'm wondering what the best way is to mix and match the clan weapons. This post is a written form of me thinking out loud.

    Here's what I see:

    • From 0-120m, SSRMs are king. At this range you probably don't need the LOS capabilities of the LRMs, and LRMs do reduced damage, and ATMs do nothing.
    • From 120-270m, ATMs are king, as long as you have a decent view of the target. ATMs seem to be okay for shooting over other Mechs, but really their trajectory is so low it's not always worth the risk. At this range, they will be more powerful and more efficient than SSRMs. Their damage per ton of ammo will be higher as well. To compare, SSRM6s will do 2 DPS and 3 DPH for 3 tons, while ATM6s will do 3.6 DPS and 4 DPS for 3.5 tons, and it goes up from there.
    • From 180m and up, if you need IFS damage, then LRMs are basically the best choice. From 180m down, they're still the best choice, they just don't do as much damage.
    • From 270m-360m, SSRMs are back on top for efficiency, but LRMs are on top for damage. ATMs are in the middle for both categories.
    • From 270m-540m, LRMs and ATMs will get the same damage per ton of ammo. However, LRMs will work better for IFS and will get through AMS better, and ATMs will work better in tunnels.
    • From 540m to 900m, LRMs will have the advantage in DPS, DPH, and damage per ton of ammo. They also still have the advantages of being better IFS weapons (which are more likely needed at this range) and being better at piercing through AMS.
    • From 900m-1100m, ATMs have the advantage over everything, because...well...nothing else in the Clan missile arsenal can go past 900m.
    Now, I realize that LRMs are generally best used under 400-500m, due to Mechs having time to disengage, but there is something to be said about the ability to provide long-range fire support. If you have enough ammo, it can be useful just to fire for effect. There's also some maps in which this works wonderfully.

    With that said, here's the way I see it right now:

    1. SSRMs, by themselves, are limited in range and capability compared to LRMs or ATMs. However, they are very good at chasing off lights. These would be used in a light hunter build, because lights can never be too close for you to shoot them.
    2. ATMs, by themselves, are excellent for blowing up lights if you get the jump on them. The damage they dish out is insane compared to SSRMs, and they do it in bigger salvos. They are also a suitable replacement for the LRM, as they have a shorter minimum range, are more powerful under 270m, and are comparable out to 540m, which is past where you usually want to use LRMs.
    3. LRMs have several advantages over ATMs, such as being better indirect fire weapons, being better support weapons (either shooting over the front line or providing cheaper suppressive fire), and being better at piercing through AMS.
    4. SSRMs + LRMs: this combination is going to be less optimal than ATMs by themselves in the 120-270m range, but should be better under 120m and should be about comparable at most other ranges. Now you have 2 weapon groups to worry about instead of one, but you also have to worry less about keeping targets outside of 120m.
    5. SSRMs + ATMs: this combination will be very powerful under 360m. The SSRMs give you damage potential up close, where the ATMs give you a bigger damage increase if you're at the right range away from your target. However, since ATMs are already close range anyway, it might be better to just go ATM and not worry about the range.
    6. ATMs + LRMs: now we get into where the two options really start to clash with each other. These two types of weapons do roughly the same thing, but with different advantages and disadvantages at different points. If you start to combine them, I don't see that you really add anything except to smooth out some of the rough edges of each of them, only now you have to deal with two types of ammo and two different minimum ranges.
    7. SSRMs + ATMs + LRMS: This combination I feel is just silly. We've already established that ATMs + SSRMs are somewhat redundant, and ATM + LRM is entirely redundant. Same problem of smoothing out the edges but not really adding much.
    So what conclusions do I come to?

    • For light-hunting, I'll take SSRMs by themselves, then SSRM + ATM combo, then ATMs by themselves. This way I can let lights get close and still hurt them.
    • For midrange DPS, I'll take ATMs by themselves, or ATMs with SSRM backup in case enemies get close.
    • For more of a support role, to include suppression fire, indirect fire support, mid-to-long range fire support, I'll take LRMs + SSRMs, to give me the ability to fire over the firing line. Should I want to focus on fire support and let others handle anything up close, I will opt for an LRM only build.
    • I would use any by themselves, I would combine SSRMs with either, but I will not use any combination that has ATM and LRM.
    Is that a similar conclusion to what you guys have come up with?
  2. Excalibaard

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    I think the LRM+ATM combo is actually very useful in some cases. Because of the low missile count of ATMs, LRMs can be used as a distraction so more ATMs go through an AMS. It's kinda niche but works well enough in larger numbers.
  3. IronEleven

    IronEleven Active Member

    LRM/ATM seems like it has amusing potential for bait and switch shenanigans.
  4. Why not mix regular SRMs and ATMs?

    You don't have to wait for a lock, ecm/stealth countermeasures, lost lock from ramming, etc. and SRMs are typically lighter.

    Lots of fun if you can stay at optimal range for both.
  5. Aylek

    Aylek Administrator Staff Member


    This is what I've been recommending to my dudes for quite some time now. As a bonus, the swarm of SRMs is also kind of shielding your ATMs from an AMS an opponent might mount.

    Other than that, the SSRM + ATM combination ist pretty hilarious as well. Consider something like this walking with your team's assaults:

  6. skribs

    skribs Min-Max Maniac

    I was specifically looking at tracking missile combinations.
  7. GeraldGR

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    Conclusion is excellent . Also the ATM dmg output in 120-270 range it has great psychological effect and if you can supplement this with SSRMs to the 360 range , what you get is a dangerous fire and forget face puncher ... Classic example to this is the SNV A. I also used it in a HGN IIC with 2 ATM 12 and LBX20 w Laser supplements to great effect .

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