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COM-1D 'Speed'n'streak' (2x SLas, 2x SSRM, STD200)

Discussion in 'COM-1D' started by Frozenrose, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Frozenrose

    Frozenrose New Member


    This might be the fastest light I've piloted but I haven't tried Mythweaver's Spider yet due to it's cost. You can use this build in a few ways; as a fast scout, fast capper, scout chaser or supporting a wolf pack.


    Fast speed, going about 143kph with speed tweak. Can outrun some of the Raven's and harass other 'mechs.
    Cost effective, with 5.2mil CB cost for a fast mech with a punch.


    Will run into heat issue on hotter maps if you don't upgrade to DHS. Easy to upgrade tho, if you want to, plenty of slots left.

    Alternative build:

    Similar to previous build, exceptions of swapping Streaks to SRM2s and Small lasers to Medium lasers for increased damage.


    Speed stays the same, you can do more damage with the lasers.


    Without DHS prone to overheating, no lock on missiles for lights.

    This can be upgraded with XL200 engine by swapping to standard armor for another DHS. But trade off is less survibality.

    This the XL200 version engine with more fire power and a ton more of SSRM ammo. It also has Double Heatsink upgrade, giving you more room with heat when engaged with dual Med Pulse Lasers and Streaks.
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  2. Michael

    Michael Grand Poobah Staff Member

    I actually like the potential of that first build!
  3. Frozenrose

    Frozenrose New Member

    It's quite fun to play with too ^^ I'll make gameplay video of it at some point, haven't had much sleep lately due to work and cat being in heat.. stupid earplugs decided to hide themselves too >_>
  4. Frozenrose

    Frozenrose New Member


    Was having some fun with the upgraded version of 'Speed'n'Streak'. Rubber banding in a fast 'mech is not really nice. Apparently due to it instead of hitting the enemy mech in brawl, I hit my team mate resulting in my first team kill >_>

    Upgrades were: XL200 Engine, 1 extra ton of SSRM ammo, 2x medium pulse laser and 2x Double Heatsinks.
  5. Blagg Zear

    Blagg Zear Moderator Staff Member

    from me too low firepower and very limited range... so only 2 stars

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