CRB-27 "Wubcrab" (5xMPL, STD300)

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Discussion in 'CRB-27' started by Skillblack, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. Skillblack

    Skillblack New Member


    So Yeah, to me it seemed like this could be quite a bit of fun.
  2. CaptRosha

    CaptRosha New Member

    Oh, I like the Wub!
    You inspired me ... a few slight tweaks and I came up with
  3. Skillblack

    Skillblack New Member

    Very cool idea as well, I decided on the STD, in the hopes of stalker sydrome on this thing, tho. Both of these will work very well I think.
  4. Excalibaard

    Excalibaard 01001101 01001111 01000100 Staff Member

    Might as well drop to a STD285 if the slots go unused. Gives some more cooling.

    I think it's a bit of a waste of the Dual AMS though, so I'd probably run this instead (partially because I have an unused STD275):
  5. Trippton

    Trippton Junior Member

    I was asked to merge my builds into similar threads, so just doing as asked :)

    Here is my take on the wubcrab. With the December quirk pass, this crab variant now only gets a +10% Energy Range (No more AMS bonuses).

    Medium Pulses give a little more bang for your buck and keeps mostly the same setup as a ML version minus some DHS and AMS Ammo. Slightly more damage while still getting +10% to laser range and 2k rounds of AMS protection. Max armor and an XL for getting around and keeping up with your team. This is what I've been running with as my primary loadout.
  6. Sandwhichishere

    Sandwhichishere New Member


    This is what I'll likely run when I get the spare C-Bills to buy and equip one. It has BAP because I feel BAP is rather useful when taking on ECM Mechs in close range or finding ECM Lights as the short beam duration is excellent for light hunting though my build may be a bit slow for it. AMS to protect against LRM's while you close the distance.
  7. CarloArmato

    CarloArmato Active Member

    Good close range crab: enough DPS to not fear a brawl, but not enough tanky or fast if you need to charge your enemy up front.

    Personally, since this mech must be used as a support mech (mostly help your bigger brothers to kill someone, support your team's push or fend off close light) I would like to clarify two of my thoughts.

    First, despite others builds, I would use a Standard engine because this crab has most of its weapons on torso and your head: you can zombie around with both torsoes destroyed. Since I have this opportunity, I would not use an XL engine.

    Second, IMHO this mech doesn't actually have enough alfa to go solo or look for trouble all alone, despite having decent tank. For this reason I would also place double AMS to help you and your comrades against incoming LRM: with "AMS overload" you can annihilate most of the incoming missiles, unless you have to deal with multiple heavy-assault LRM boats. I'm using only 1 ton of ammo because this mech is ment to help out a push or cover your slow bros before they take cover, not to destroy LRM during the entire round (and TBH only once I nearly emptied this 2000 AMS ammo supply).

    This is my actual loadout

    If you don't like AMS, you can just replace them with an additional DHS and replace some armor
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  8. skribs

    skribs Legendary Member

    I don't remember which specific engine I have, but I wanted a tanky Mech, and the Crab 27 with STD engine, 2 AMS, and 5x MPL was suggested.

    I don't even bother torso twisting. It just happens on it's own (Stalker Syndrome) and the result is glorious. I've had several matches where I end with less than 25% of my health and still have 4 MPLs.

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