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Deathwish "Mostly 'armless" (1xcUAC20, 1xLPL, TC1, cXL255)

Discussion in 'Deathwish' started by Mechdocdie, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. Mechdocdie

    Mechdocdie New Member


    I so wanted to love the Deathwish but I just could not make the arms work for me; so much exposure for so little pew meant I got cored again and again. In frustration I decided to just do away with the arms and load up the two high torso points with the biggest guns I could. A few games where I found the HLL beam was like drawing a line saying “shoot me here!” and I came up with this.

    Cool enough to fire almost non-stop in Rubellite Oasis, with 100% radar dep you just shoot and disappear behind cover - they don't know what hit 'em! A good double tap plus the laser will give you a 50 point alpha repeatable every 4 seconds until you jam or run out of ammo. TC for the extra laser range, projectile speed and the crits PLUS the engine will give 88kph with speed tweak, which ain't too shabby.

    Works for me!
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