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Double XP Weekend, Double XP Conversion Rate, Plus Rewards

Discussion in 'MWO News and Information' started by The Verge, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. The Verge

    The Verge Administrator Staff Member

    Starts: FEB 4th 10:00:00 AM (PST) (6:00:00 PM UTC)
    Ends: FEB 9th 10:00:00 AM (PST) (6:00:00 PM UTC)

    This Weekend is a Double XP weekend for All modes! That's twice as much MC as you would normally earn!

    Example XP earnings
    100 Regular XP=100 XP x 2 = 200 XP Earned+200 XP + 50% Premium Time boost = 300 XP

    If you use a Champion Mech, you would receive an additional 30% XP on your in-game rewards.

    Example XP earnings with a Champion
    100 Regular XP=100 XP x 2 = 200 XP+200 XP + 30% Champion Boost = 260 XP 260 XP + 50% Premium Time boost = 390 XP

    And What would a double XP weekend be without Double XP Conversion? Covert XP at Double the Rate all weekend long!

    Q - How do I convert 'Mech XP to General XP?
    • Head to your Skills > 'Mech Trees menu
    • Click the 'Mech Tree button for whichever 'Mech you want to perform the exchange with.**
    • Click the Exchange XP button
    Have a lot of XP to convert? check out our new conversion Rewards!

    The more XP you convert the more rewards you get!

    Double XP Reward Table
    Amount of XP Converted Reward
    5,000-.50 Caliber Bullet and 1 x Consumable Pack
    25,000-Hula Girl Standing Item and 5 x Consumable Pack
    50,000-Pug In a Helmet Standing Item and 10 x Consumable Pack
    100,000-1.1 Million C-bill Bundle
    200,000-1.1 Million C-bill Bundle
    300,000-1.1 Million C-bill Bundle
    400,000-1.1 Million C-bill Bundle
    500,000-1.1 Million C-bill Bundle
    600,000-1.1 Million C-bill Bundle
    700,000-1.1 Million C-bill Bundle
    800,000-1.1 Million C-bill Bundle
    900,000-1.1 Million C-bill Bundle and a Golden C-bill Hanging Item
    1,000,000-1.1 Million C-bill Bundle, Island Cockpit Item, and a Mechbay

    Source: http://mwomercs.com/tournaments?t=201602convxp
    Feedback: https://www.mechspecs.com/threads/double-xp-weekend-feedback.10568/

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