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DRG-5N "Accucannon UltraDragon" (1x UAC10, 2x ERML, 1X RL15, TC7, XL300)

Discussion in 'DRG-5N' started by Hotdook, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. Hotdook

    Hotdook New Member


    I wanted to fit the biggest bore ultra autocannon on the 5N. However I found the UAC10 shells moved too slowly, so I jacked up the velocity skills and added a targetting computer! Range is 585M, which is a nice mid range build. I can spit out double tap after double tap, each shell with 10 damage....the damage racks up quick! The speed and the arm are great for peaking, and the energy quirks pair nicely with the 2 ERML. The TC gives the added bonus of a crit chance, pretty powerful on a 10 damage weapon. The one downside of this mech is the low slung arms. It seems to shine in a higher position looking down.
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  2. Dagonus

    Dagonus Benefactor

    I put the rockets weight into more engine and go with an LE.

    Almost as fast and much safer.

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