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DWF-W "Shredding Wolf" (2xcLBX20, 5xcMPL)

Thread in 'Dire Wolf Omni Builds' started by Aherus, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Aherus

    Aherus New Member


    Hello Mechwarriors!

    This is my first DWF build. Its a close range one. 7t of ammo for cLBX20 without skills. I have some good match in it.Later with full skills 6T ammo + 1 DHS.

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  2. Tank the Frank

    Tank the Frank Benefactor

    If you enjoy that, also try the 2 x LBX20, 1 x LBX10 and 3 x SRM6 variant. Absolutely brutal at close range.
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