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ENF-5P "Gman's little bully" (3x AC2, ML, XL255)

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Discussion in 'ENF-5P' started by Dr. Dvorak, May 31, 2015.

  1. Dr. Dvorak

    Dr. Dvorak Space Pimp

    Found this build in Gman's Enforcer Guide - it makes surprisingly good use of the (let's be honest) fairly confused combination of hardpoints and quirks on this variant, at least in the solo queue where I play most of my matches. I wouldn't play this mech in a serious match, but it's an enjoyable way to level the variant.

    The key here is to hang out with your assaults and aid them by using the long range and absurd ROF on your AC2s against the other team. Rattle the pilots your big guys are shooting at. If the enemy team starts a push, hose down the lead mech and make him hesitate. Drive those LRM boats who think they're untouchable in the back lines under cover and stop them from shooting at your team. Once their speakers start booming and their screen starts rattling and shaking, you'll be amazed how quickly pilots in much larger mechs back down from you.

    Just don't try to stand out in the open like Rambo blazing away with an M60 - you're still a medium mech and will melt very quickly if you're focused. But if you find someone distracted or overheated and can drill some rounds into the same component for a few seconds, you'll be surprised how many kills you can get. Play this thing like a 50-ton long-range Huginn, in other words.
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  2. Jackhammer

    Jackhammer New Member

    I really love this build! Nobody believes that you are the one shaking their cockpit. And the 6 dmg every ~0,6 sec adds up quite fast.

  3. Purity The Kitty

    Purity The Kitty Active Member

    This looks quite solid. I'm not sold on the single backup Medium Laser, I'd rather make use of that AMS hardpoint tbh. You lack ECM and a common retaliation against medium dakka is a volley of missiles, so let's cut down some of that damage!

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