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FS9-A "Little Foot, Long Foot" (4x MLas, 4x S(P)Las, XL295)

Discussion in 'FS9-A' started by tfun90, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. tfun90

    tfun90 Advanced Member

    Namesake Chapelle's Show skit at 4 minutes, 21 seconds! (linky!)

    The point of this build is to get the most out of the numerous energy hardpoints, without encountering Ghost Heat or having crippling range limitations. To do this, I went with 4 MLas on the torsos for longer shots (and so losing arms doesn't neuter you outside throwing distance), and either 4 SPLas or 4 SLas in the arms for maximum range of motion in light fights:

    SPLas dogfighter:

    SLas cool runner:

    This is how I plan on leveling this mech, as it is the most variant specific loadout I can come up with. 6x MLas would seem to be better done on the FS9-K where all lasers can be on the arms, or on the FS9-S with dual AMS, or on a Jenner F with the XL300.

    Personally, I have doubts as to this build's viability, as the torso twist/pitch severely limits how well you can get your MLas on target.
  2. LT Satisfactory

    LT Satisfactory Benefactor

    good call and your logic to the build is infallible.
  3. tfun90

    tfun90 Advanced Member

    Honestly, I built this build before having done many drops in the firestarter. I expected to be able to use the torso MLas at range to a much greater extent than proved feasible. The pitch and twist limitations are too great, leaving this mech neutered outside 120m. 2/5 stars, would rather go 4 MLas arms, 2-4 MLas in torso.
  4. e92

    e92 Benefactor

    I think theres still some merit to this build. Comparing it to your "Captain Obvious" 6MLas build:

    Weaponry	Heatsinks	Alpha	Sustained DPS	Ferro?
    6MLas		14		30.0	3.23		N
    4MLas+4SLas	14		32.0	3.42		N
    4MLas+4SPLas	13		33.6	3.18		Y	
    I think moving the S(P)Las to the torsos and keeping the MLas in the arms will still make this better than the 6MLas builds.

    In the end, its trading range on secondary weaponry for extra 2.0-3.6 damage alpha and marginally the same or slightly better sustained dps. After flipping the weapon locations, I'd give this 5 stars if the 6MLas build is worth 5. Personally, I think both are worth 4.

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