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FS9-A "Pocket Wubs" (4x MPL, 4x SPL, XL265, 1x JJ, 1xDHS)

Discussion in 'FS9-A' started by Epydemic2020, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. Epydemic2020

    Epydemic2020 Well-Known Member


    I have gotten very used to the xl265 on some of my other light mechs. It delivers essentially the same heat per alpha as the 7mpl firestarter build:

    This version of the FS9-A has an alpha of 40, but it refires faster, has ever so lightly less heat per alpha, an additional heatsink, a jumpjet, but lacks the same range as the fs9-s.

    Unfortunately, 42 damage seems to be the sweet spot for killing a light mech who is standing still in one of the side torsos. Still, if you can train yourself to only fire the SPL while in range I think these two mechs are comparable.

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