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FS9-A "Tiny Toaster" (8x SLaser, 3x JJs, XL295)

Discussion in 'FS9-A' started by Falconium, May 25, 2014.

  1. Falconium

    Falconium Administrator Staff Member

    I know it's been seen before, but it hasn't been posted here yet, so I figured I might as well. ;)

    Drop a few points of armor to get an extra JJ, or drop that armor plus one of the JJs to add another DHS. Whatever variant you choose to pilot, though, 8 Small Lasers in a Light is insanely hilarious! I've been having a blast running this lately, for although it is (obviously) extremely short on range, it actually deals out really good damage. (Think AC-20 every 2-3 seconds, from a 'Mech moving 150 kph.) And with 15 DHS, this thing is very easy to manage heat-wise.

    The only --- and I do mean the ONLY --- challenge in this thing, is managing to get within that 90 meter optimal range. Once you're there, the enemy had better not ignore your pathetic-sounding Small Lasers, or they'll quickly realize they're mistake! :rofl:
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 3, 2014
  2. enileph

    enileph Space Pimp

    Get the range module 2 maybe.
  3. epikt

    epikt Benefactor

    The module is pretty useless at level 2, it only gives you 8m. Maybe at level 5 when it will be available.
  4. Falconium

    Falconium Administrator Staff Member

    A match I just had, running this. Nothing too extreme, but on a hot map like this it was pretty sweet, especially considering I did the best score on the team. :)


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