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FS9-H "Ersatz Hollander" (1x Gauss, XL190)

Discussion in 'FS9-H' started by RA2lover, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. RA2lover

    RA2lover Active Member


    yes, it is a silly build, but one people don't usually expect.

    5 tons of ammo should be more than enough.
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  2. Tristan Lorius

    Tristan Lorius Active Member


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  3. epikt

    epikt Benefactor

    You need jump-jets.

    From my experience with the spider (3 tons of ammo, short but usually enough or almost enough), only 40 slugs should not be that of a problem.
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  4. Skexy

    Skexy New Member

    I went with a similar idea; but only 2 tons of ammo in favor of 2 MLs in the CT. Although I too have an XL 190 in mine for now to save money from my locust pool; it should be noted that the XL195 is the same weight as the 190.

  5. enileph

    enileph Space Pimp

    Use XL195!!!
    Same weight and 3 kph more!
    Raven Version, classical Gauss Raven. Raven have more slots, Gauss move better at high mount arm.
    FS9 have it mounted at the ST so you can skim out more armor.
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  6. Madwizz

    Madwizz New Member

    A two Star build.

    I have played about 6 matches with this build now and I do on average 250 points of damage. Which I think is great for a light mech but the low speed (for a light mech) and only 15 degree torso pich and dependence on only one projectile weapon drags my score of this build down.

    But I do admire your effort to bring the Hollander to the game. Maybe one day we will be so luck as to get the that mech for real.
  7. Ruludos

    Ruludos Benefactor

    As a personal fan of the Hollander I'm glad I found this build. I made some small adjustments to mine, though:

    It's like playing a Spider!Urbie. I you expect to do well you're going to have a bad time.

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