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FS9-K "Exigen" (1x ERLLas, 6x MLas, 1x JJ, AMS, XL280)

Discussion in 'FS9-K' started by Neokolzia, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. Neokolzia

    Neokolzia New Member


    After playing alot with jenners, spiders, etc all having a combination of these, and after seeing a post made by Solahma, I found that the FS9-K could create the perfect balance of this, particularly weapon placement for going around corners over hills to harass etc.

    Placement of course could be done differently I.E ER on arms and 2x ML in chest, but I found this works the best when it comes to peeking around corners and having a strong volley of 3x ML's.

    I found only 4x ML didn't pack quite enough punch when needed, though of course theres minor heat concerns with the build since its pretty much combining a ER laser of a spider with a 6x Laser of a Jenner, and the components should be used independently of each other depending on situations.

    Thus making best of all works, AMS coverage, 1 jump jet to get over most obstacles, a ER Laser to harass at long range, a large engine that does not sacrifice speed by any means. A battery's of 3x ML lasers on each arm, providing amazing coverage, and decent heat control, single volley on each arm gives around 16% on 0C ambient.

    This build can also be applied to FS9-A and FS9-S in which you would move ER large laser into the right torso on the FS9-S version.

    Notably this mech is taller then the Jenner making it much easier to hit critical zones when directly behind large mechs like assaults etc.
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  2. Maurox

    Maurox Well-Known Member

    A terrific build. Here's a slower variant, without AMS but with a bit more armor and much needed better cooling:

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