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FS9-K "Jenner +1" (6x MLas, 2x SPLas, 3x JJ, XL295)

Discussion in 'FS9-K' started by Ghost Badger, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Ghost Badger

    Ghost Badger Junior Member

    Because it's like a Jenner-F...but with fully articulating arms, and an additional 2 small pulses in the torso for quicker shots. Runs hot, but not TOO hot.

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  2. Lunatech

    Lunatech New Member

    Rated this four stars because it's one SPulse away from my most effective FS9-K build (and most effective mech overall, with a decent amount of games played anyway).

    Here's my take. I like lots of JJ's for more thrust. Nothing irks me more than feeling sluggish when I hit jumpjets. Are 5 JJ's really needed? Nope. But they do give you a lot of "pop". Especially useful when jumping over enemy assaults :phear:
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