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FS9-K "The Obviously Ridiculous" (8x MPLas, XL225)

Discussion in 'FS9-K' started by RA2lover, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. RA2lover

    RA2lover Active Member


    my version of Mormota's The Obvious.

    if you're sticking around after completely raping a single mech, you're doing something wrong.
    in case of legging, override.

    alternate jumpjet version:
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  2. ProtoformX

    ProtoformX Active Member

    No where near enough engine, but it's funny. ;)

    If you drop a couple MPL's you can actually make it viable, albeit hot.

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  3. enileph

    enileph Space Pimp

    Similar firepower but cooler with longer range, just saying.
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