GRF-2N 'Hug Me MK II' (4xSRM6+A, ECM, 2xJJ, LE295) + variant

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    This is a Civil War upgrade to @The Verge 's 'Just Hug Me' build for the 2N. For me the 2N is a premier chassis to either mount a STD or - nowadays - a light engine, as you can simply go on shooting stuff when one ST is gone.

    The first build nearly keeps the speed of the orginial whyle sacrificing some JJs. The last 0.5 ton of ammo might be debatable, this could easily be either another JJ or some additional armor for the shield arms. The principle stays the same though.

    Talking about LFEs here, you could also add some cooling, mount the jumping power of 3 JJs while also retaining the armor on the shield arms, but you need to sacrifice some top speed to do so:

    The latter might turn out to be my favourite of the two as it is a more rounded build and only sacrifices 4.5 kp/h top speed (pre Skill Tree, that is).
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