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GRF-2N "Stealth Hunter" (4xSRM6, 2xML, ECM, SA,1xJJ, LE300)

Discussion in 'GRF-2N' started by Renegademaster, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Renegademaster

    Renegademaster Well-Known Member


    Tao and the art of Stealth

    Position yourself at point blank behind the enemy and core them. This is NOT easy. Practice getting point blank to see how quickly even assaults can go down in the Testing grounds.
    This mech is optimised for a stealth role, Stealth Armor only works at 270m or less, and as such the weapons of this mech are also configured to work at this range.
    Stage 1: Choose your prey
    Dont rush in, provide some ECM cover to advancing mechs, then begin to flank the enemy team using ECM to cover your approach. Scout some potential targets, try to get some read-outs on their armour.
    Avoid packs of mechs.
    Your ideal target is a single mech already firing at the enemy.
    Move to 300 to 400m keeping in mind the position of the target.

    Stage 2: Going Stealth
    When you engage Stealth you will lose all target locks not in visible range. Keep heading towards your target.
    Try to approach from the rear, or at worst the side. Players already engaged in combat are far less likely to see you than players looking for targets.
    Close to less than 270m your kill zone.
    A fresh enemy is best taken with a point blank rear attack, get point blank and fire all weapons. This will not always take them in one hit if you are too far away.
    If the enemy has already taken significant front armour damage, you can aim for the body instead which is much easier if they dont go down in 1 hit.
    Lights are usually better to leg, once slowed take them out.
    Use the JJ to get into better positions that would otherwise be unreachable.

    Stage 3: Disengage
    With Stealth mode engaged, you dont lose heat. On hot maps you continually gain heat so your Stealth time is limited. So you need to find some cover to disengage Stealth mode and cool off.
    If an enemy you were trying to flank spots you, you should also disengage.
    In both cases find something to hide behind. Once Stealth is off you can use target info again, so re-asses the situation. Goto Stage 1.

    Other roles
    Getting into position isnt easy and can be frustrating so there are other things you can do in the mean time
    Join up with lights for pack hunting
    Do some scouting
    Provide ECM cover to heavier mechs.
    Get some CAPS or other objectives.

    Prioritise ECM and missile skills, some maneuver is also good.

    So why bother piloting an mech with little armour, not the best speed and terrible range ?? because getting a stealth kill is a RUSH!!

    Video of Gameplay
    The action begins around 4min 20s, the Kodiac was tough to take down but went down eventually then a Centurion and Timberwolf quickly follow...
    Around 8mins we defend our base killing a Raven and Mad Dog.

    Last edited: Aug 23, 2017
  2. CarloArmato

    CarloArmato Advanced Member

    Interesting build.

    You put the armor on the wrong arm: the one with medium lasers has no armor, the other one with anything on it is fully armored.

    I would also put at least one ton of ammo in your left torso: if anyone focuses on your right torso to take out both your SRMs and medium lasers, you will higly have no more ammo and weapons to fire with, so in this scenario the LE to survive a side torso loss will also become pointless, because you will have nothing to fight with.

    Ammo will be consumed in this order: HD --> CT --> RT --> LT--> LA --> RA--> LL--> RL
    So IMHO you should really place at least 1 ton of SRM in your LT.
  3. Renegademaster

    Renegademaster Well-Known Member

    @CarloArmato Thanks for the suggestions, ammo moved and armor fixed!

    I never knew the ammo order very useful info thanks!
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2017
  4. Renegademaster

    Renegademaster Well-Known Member

    Gameplay video added.
  5. The Verge

    The Verge Administrator Staff Member


    no armor on the shield arm, ammo in separate torsos can leads to killing your engine via ammo explosion, or save you the hurt of losing ammo. 1 JJ is not enough for me. Armor values should always be considered custom to the user.

    otherwise, good build.
  6. Renegademaster

    Renegademaster Well-Known Member

    I use the JJ to get over steps like on River City and up ridges like on Canyon, not for propper flying around. You can also use it for fast turns. The arm armour is a design desicion in favour of extra ammo. The aim is not to be seen, although taking some damage is innevitable.

    You cant put ammo in the legs as Stealth Armour uses Fixed armour slots there.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2017

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