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Thread in 'Spider' started by Verbosity, Sep 7, 2013.

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    so most of the spiders have fairly established recommended build at the moment, but there are some nice tricks to help you save C-Bills:

    Double heat sinks

    5V and 5K are two of the few mechs that can survive on the field without DHS. with DHS you pretty much cannot over heat these mech, and with its still pretty tricky. - saving 3mil C-Bills

    Engine synergies
    STK-5S - stock XL255 can be used in Spiders

    All three mechs can run the same max engine making the XL255 a pretty good buy in itself, get one engine and swap it between the 3 chassis.

    There is an Almost synergy with the 2X and 4X ravens. Rather than the XL255 go for a XL245, one engine for 5 mechs? the speed loss isn't much and the ton saved can be used on an extra heatsink!
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    Good idea, we need a thread like that for all mechs to share cheap builds (maybe not as good as optimized 5 stars builds, but doing the job when you only want to grind).

    This for example: standard HS and using the same 245XL as ravens, but still heat efficient and deadly, it costs 3.5 million plus the engine:

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