HBK-4J Jango (2x LRM10, 1x ERLLas, 2x MLas, XL255, TAG, BAP)

Thread in 'HBK-4J' started by Excalibaard, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. Excalibaard

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    I recently bought a 4J to elite my hunchies in another way than the brawling they're actually built for.
    I saw a few threads on the forums but they were not the mechs I was looking for.

    More long range based than other builds with the ERLL to support your LRM20+A. BAP and TAG make sure you lock on quickly and AMS to cover yourself from return fire. 2MLs remain to give some brawling tools if people get within 270m.

    You can use your left side to shield and spread incoming fire.

    You can also build this with a stock STD200 if you remove BAP or AMS or trade your 2 ML and add .5 ton of armor. Since the build is not an effective zombie however and the firepower is concentrated on one side anyway, I recommend putting in the XL.

    My groupings are as follows:
    1: ERLL
    2: TAG (easy to keep pressed without macros)
    3: 2xML
    4: 2xLRM10 (I'm used to indirect fire burst on 4 and direct fire on 3 if 2 is occupied)
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  2. The Verge

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    How is the XL in this mech? feels like the hunch is too large, and get's hit too easily.
  3. enileph

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    Well, I did XL in this mech before. But my build is quite different. I would say that since you are using this mech for long range LRM boat, the XL problem is not as serious. You should focus on indirect fire though. That way your hunch would not be expostd. Personally I would not arm the mech with an ERLLas. Long range shooting means you would be within enemy line-of-sight, which is a REALLY BAD thing for a hunchback with an XL.

    Hide behind a hill, trust those spotters, memeorise the map, and keep on spamming. Tag if you have to.

    My Build.

    The MLas is used only when you missiles run out. You can replace them with more ammo if you like. If your hunch is dead you are pretty useless anyways.

    You should be able to move around quick enough to avoid most attacks, and the MLas allows you to do some cleanup work in the late game if you finish off all your ammo. I do not use +A cause they do not help against indirect fire.
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  4. Lorgot

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    Maybe something like this?
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  5. Excalibaard

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    Well, that's a necro if I've ever seen one (and that's totally fine tbh) ^^

    I think that nowadays I'd remove the LL and just play with mediums. The fire rate of LRMs due to the 4J's current LRM10 quirks make you quite hot if you try to combine it with blue beams of death. If extra range is important to you, ERML are now an equally hot but viable and low tonnage option.

    Artemis lock speed increase and spread tightening is currently super worth it, though PGI have announced they're planning on removing it, so we'll see if that stays.

  6. ithinkiamawake

    ithinkiamawake New Member

    To be honest, i detest IS XL engines. That side torso getting popped and killing you is a sucky way to go out. I have survived many a game because I can sacrifice my entire left torso and arm.

    *Use only 3 ERML
    *I Run a LFE 230
    *Add another Heatsink
    The entire mech is cooler, more survivable and lasts much longer.

  7. Excalibaard

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    @ithinkiamawake yes, nowadays a LE is very attractive. I personally like a bit more ammo nowadays due to a 25% cooldown reduction on LRM10s, but civil war tech has definitely improved the performance of this mech.
  8. ithinkiamawake

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    MMM Yep, I get the more ammo, personally, I run second line and drop missles on the mechs that my teammates are fighting. I may not get a lot of kills, but I like to melt off the enemy armor so my team can kill them fast. By the time I run out of ammo, there are normally only 1 or 2 enemies left, easy enough to mop up with the 3 ERML. But, to each their own. :)

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