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HBK-4J "Shortbow" (2x LRM10+A, 4x MLas, TAG, BAP, XL245)

2 ratings

Discussion in 'HBK-4J' started by Apnu, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. Apnu

    Apnu Active Member


    this build is lots of fun. with the TAG in the head and the LRMs high on the shoulder, its easy to hill hump LRMs. Its very nimble with the XL 245 engine allowing you to reposition quickly for another volley or get out of a hairy situation if you're out of position. The 4xMLs are quite useful for defense or damage generation if you run out of LRM ammo. Which happens if you hang to the back of the pack and survive until late in the game.
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  2. Dartlassys

    Dartlassys Junior Member

    This build focuses on lrms so why not give it more ammo? you could drop off armor from the arms since no one really shoots at them and they only have one medium laser so I think it should be like this:

    Lotsa ammo to spam from.
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  3. Apnu

    Apnu Active Member

    Yeah that works. I found 900 LRMs when launching w/ 20 tubes about enough. That's 45 blasts. Given most matches involve lots of ECM and cover, 900 rounds means I usually finish the match with 0-60 or so missiles in the hopper. But hey, more ammo works too.
  4. Marukeru

    Marukeru Benefactor

    4/5 Stars

    This build, though made months ago, take advantage of the LRM 10 quirks given to this variant. Artemis means that with LOS you're set to deal a bit more focused damage.

    Back-up Weapons? Tag? BAP? This has all the goodies!

    This game is plagued by players who feel that ammo is the most important aspect of any build. If you can't break 1000 damage with this build @ 900 rounds and backup lasers, then you're doing it wrong and should look at yourself for improvement, IMHO.

    Enjoy the build, putting consideration into using this for CW.
  5. Apnu

    Apnu Active Member


    I had some success with TBT-5N w/ LRM15s and no artemis, so I took it off this build and added 2 tons more ammo. Wow, this mech is a beast with the quirks and LRM10 modules.

  6. TRTW

    TRTW New Member

    Five out of five for me. This is maybe my favorite mech to run. With the quirks you can really pound out the missles. Plus it is mobile enough to relocate and don't underestimate the Mlas.

    Great build
  7. Thiak

    Thiak Well-Known Member

    i went this way, i think this is better

    XL250, 1 less laser, with overall better heat and twice the ammount of ammo

  8. enileph

    enileph Space Pimp


    My simple version, you can easily drop those DHS for ammo if you want, I use it mainly for the ML.
    Also use XL255, no point buying and using XL250 unless that is the max engine for a chassis.
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  9. ithinkiamawake

    ithinkiamawake New Member


    So I run the same thing with but I like to shield with my left, Running an xl means I am that much more likely to go boom. thus a standard engine with speed tweaks on the skill tree.

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