HBK-4P "Green Arrow" (7xMPL, STD275)

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    After finding 6MPL, 8MPL, and 9MPL builds for the 4P, Here's my 7MPL version. All 7 MPLs are high mounted. Very powerful in the new system, little bit of ghost heat but not a big problem.
    One group alpha, one chainfire (fun-fact: chainfire fits perfectly with 7 MPL and the right skills)
    Slot-efficient, highest rating STD engine.

    Armor too scary for you? Arms really don't shield much of the huge torso tbh. Still find it too scary to go alone, drop to a STD270, and you can get all the armor you need.

    Too hot? Luckily your engines are decoupled from twist nowadays:

    Or you could swap the head MPL to an ML, and avoid 3.2 ghost heat.

    Recommended skills in order of importance:
    Firepower: Laser Duration, Heat Gen, Range, Cooldown
    Sensors: Radar Derp, Seismic
    Auxiliary: Coolshots
    Operations: Cool Run, Heat Containment = Mobility: Torso Speed, Yaw, Pitch, Speed Tweak
    Survival: Armor, Structure
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