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HBK-IIC-A "Multi-Purpose Laserback" (2x cLPL, 3x cERML, 1x Clan Probe, 1x JJ, cXL275)

Discussion in 'HBK-IIC-A' started by Kellias, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. Kellias

    Kellias Junior Member


    I love the Hunchback IIC for its combination of durability, speed, firepower, and mount locations. For this build, it can peek with the left side for cLPL shots and hill hugs quite well due to its mobility and high mounts. I prefer speed at least equal to 81-89 kph so that the majority of the clan mechs cannot run it down.

    For Skils, I picked up all Laser Duration skills as well as most of the Range skills under Firepower, almost full Survival, almost full Torso Speed and Yaw as well as Kinetic Burst under Mobility, full Radar Deprivation, and an extra Module under Auxiliary.


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