HMN-C "Light Hunter" (4xcMPL, 3xcSSRM4, TC1)

Discussion in 'Huntsman Builds' started by Kellias, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. Kellias

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    Designed to hunt lights as well as critical hits on damaged mechs.
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  2. Aylek

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    Fixed your thread title.

    Two main issues about the build:
    1) too hot
    2) too much ammo

    Issue 1) can be solved by switching to SPL and adding more DHS. Light mechs usually need to close up on your team for full damage potential, so your own range shouldn't be an issue at all.

    Regarding 2), while it's true the cSSRM4s provide more DPS than 6s, you probably won't have enough time to double shot your SSRMs. I'd therefore max out on the SSRMs while simultanrously reducing the ammo count.

    In addition to this, as most lights you're seeing nowadays are either Locusts or Cheetahs you definitely want an Active Probe for countering ECM. Otherwise your SSRMs are rendered useless. See below for two examples of alternate builds for the role you intended. The first one is purely there for bodyguard / light hunting, while the second one retains some range.


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