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    I cant quite belive this build isn't up here so im going to add it. Feel free to move it if you feel it should be somewhere else. Its really simple 4* cERML and full armour, and fill the rest with heat sinks. Then hit n run , hit n run, then cool off and repeat. This mech is all about indirect combat, try to avoid engaging your enemy from the front at all cost, whilst you are tough relative to an IS light you will usually lose, however you do have the speed to change position frequently to take targets of opportunity.

    Some Quirk Notes:
    The IceFerret-C legs give +16 Structure, to stop you getting legged!
    The IceFerret-A torsos give +11 Structure to stop your arms falling off.
    By using the Prime Arm and the D Arm you can get all 4 lasers on the arms, allowing you great flexibility when firing, particularly when shooting at targets above or bellow you, or circle strafing.

    Advanced zoom
    for finding weakspots when flanking.

    The reason i had to add this is i got my first 1000 with it!

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  2. Gneckes31

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    Just tried this build, for my first-ever match in my Ice Ferret. 480 damage, I like it!
  3. enileph

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    I would replace one DHS with TC1, that would improve on your laser ability.

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