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JM6-A "Patch Protagonist" (2x AC10, 4x SRM2, XL255)

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Discussion in 'JM6-A' started by Excalibaard, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. Excalibaard

    Excalibaard ComStar - First Circuit Staff Member


    So in the last patch AC10s became one of the most useful ACs, and SRM2s got a huge cooldown buff.
    Chainfiring 4 SRM2s is perfectly aligned with these new cooldowns so they can be used as a close range harass and are a more powerful than the machineguns from the JM6-DD build with 2x AC10 (though less DPS/tonnage). Hit registration problems with SRMs are fixed on april 28th and only occur when there are a lot of explosions to calculate, thus is mitigated somewhat by having tiny launchers.

    You can swap a ton of SRM ammo for AC10 ammo, if you find yourself hanging back more (90 shots is definitely a nice upgrade over 75)
    Also you can swap AC10s for LBX10+ML each. I advise against swapping the DHS as AC10s+ML and then mixing in SRM2s will get very hot.

    Not a gamebreakingly different build from the streaker builds for this chassis, but no lockon required and ability to fire on a certain component is nice if you have the aim for it.
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  2. dranozir

    dranozir MechSpecs Addict

    Good build :

  3. SkiDog

    SkiDog Moderator Staff Member

    Not as effective I think because of the damage spread, but the LBX version crit seeking machine

    It's definitely a different monster, but I leveled this mech with this loadout... More of a cleanup mech than anything, but effective in that aspect nonetheless.
  4. skribs

    skribs Legendary Member

    I'll have to post my exact version when I get home, but I used the extra tons from dropping down to LBX to add 2x ML.

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